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5 Ways to Be Healthier Now That You've Retired to Mexico

5 Ways to Be Healthier Now That You've Retired to Mexico

After retiring to Mexico, you'll want to take steps to stay as healthy as possible so that you can make the most of your new life in paradise. If you’ve neglected caring for your health up until now, then you can bet some lifestyle changes are in order. Whether you choose to live in Playa del Carmen all year round or as a snowbird looking to escape the cold winters up north, here are five simple things you can do each and every day to enjoy a healthy and happy retirement.

1. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

This is actually one of the easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways to improve your health. Studies show that adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet can help you feel better, lose weight, and even help reduce the risk of some chronic diseases. DAC is one of our favorite spots to buy fresh organic produce in Playa del Carmen and we love snacking on freshly sliced mango, watermelon, cucumber, pineapple, and coconut at the fruit stands by Fundadores Park.

2. Spend more time outdoors

If you’ve ever struggled with seasonal affective disorder, then you know how important sunlight can be for your overall health and happiness. Daily sun exposure boosts Vitamin D intake, which is linked to a variety of health-promoting benefits. Just don’t overdo it; too much direct sunlight can lead to various skin cancers and other health risks. Spending time outdoors in nature is also a great way to relieve stress, increase brain function, and it can even help us age gracefully.

3. Take up a new sport

There are so many great ways to stay in shape in Playa del Carmen. From long walks on the white sandy beaches and early morning runs on 5th Avenue, to hitting the gym, swimming in the calm Caribbean waters, sunset yoga classes at Yoga by the Sea, and stand up paddle boarding lessons with Aloha Paddle Club; there really is something for everyone. Moving your body on a daily basis will make you feel fantastic, and you’ll get that beach body back in no time too!

4. Quit smoking

If you’re still smoking cigarettes, now is a great time to quit! The American Lung Association has some helpful tips and resources on their website to help you kick the habit. Many people have found success with various medications, counseling, and even electronic cigarettes. If you decide to go the electronic cigarette route, is an online shop with everything you need to get started, and the best part: they deliver right to your door in Playa del Carmen.

5. Learn a new language

Mental health is just as important as physical health and learning a second language is a great way to boost brainpower at any age. And for those of us living abroad, it offers a unique glimpse into the local culture that we wouldn’t otherwise get. If you’re retiring to Mexico, it’s important to learn a little Spanish. Spanish Joyfully offers Spanish classes for beginners in Playa del Carmen, with an emphasis on extending learning out into the community in a fun and supportive way.

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Laura Nazimiec moved to Cancun from Philadelphia. A two-week language and culture immersion program in Guatemala led to a year of backpacking in Latin America and ultimately the decision to live abroad. After moving to Mexico, Laura turned her passion for travel into her career as a blogger and social media manager for BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors. In her free time, she enjoys running and yoga, and she also runs the website You can follow her on Twitter @FitCancun

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    I have been retired in pdc for 20years. Love it much healthier here no doubt