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Design Essentials for Your Riviera Maya Beach Home

Design Essentials for Your Riviera Maya Beach Home

Now that you’ve purchased your Riviera Maya beach home or vacation condo, the next step is to furnish and decorate your new space. One of the best ways to bring the tropical paradise of the Riviera Maya indoors is with Caribbean inspired home décor. Here are 10 beach-style decorating ideas to give your Riviera Maya vacation home a tropical Mexican Caribbean feel.

Bright Whites

Lots of white with pops of color creates a cool and refreshing coastal vibe. Crisp white cabinetry, a pastel blue and white backsplash that mimics the ocean, and brightly colored ceramics and hand-painted alebrijes give this kitchen a clean, updated look.

Wooden Accents

Furniture, cabinetry and closets made of wood, rattan and bamboo make a great addition to any Caribbean beach home. Look for antique pieces, items that are weathered and worn, or consider bringing outdoor furniture indoors, for example wicker furniture or Adirondack chairs.

Coastal Motifs

Adding even just one coastal motif, such as this gorgeous palm tree motif carved into the door of the fabulous Taj Kumal, is all you need to infuse some coastal style into your home decorating.

Natural Light

Ditch the draperies and soak in the paradise view. Large sliding glass doors and beautiful stained glass windows with palm tree motifs let in plenty of natural light and give a bright and airy feel to this luxurious Caribbean estate that boasts an impressive 135 feet of private ocean frontage.

Bold Colors

Vibrant eye-catching colors inspired by the tropics perfectly capture the bohemian-chic vibe of Tulum. Inside these high-end eco-friendly residences you’ll find bold punches of color, native wood furniture and cabinetry, stone accents, and traditional Mexican textiles.

Tropical Greenery

Bring the outdoors in with potted plants and lush tropical greenery. Decorating your Riviera Maya beach home with native plants is an easy way to brighten up the space. Pottery is another staple of Caribbean décor and can easily be displayed with or without plants and flowers.

Old World Charm

Textures, patterns, muted colors, and unique furnishings characterize this style of home décor. It can be both eye-catching and functional; the elegant Palisade fan in the upstairs guest room of this gorgeous oceanfront villa is much a work of Indonesian art as a tropical necessity.

Retro Appeal

Chic and fashionable, vintage-inspired décor spans several decades of styles and help to give your home a timeless appeal. Furniture with a weathered, faded look adds a cozy, rustic charm and shades of aqua and sea foam create a beachy feel.

Authentic Talavera

Admired for its folkloric aesthetics, Mexican Talavera tile is functional, long lasting, and easy to care for and maintain. Talavera tiles are best used to add color and interest to kitchen countertops and backsplashes, bathroom sinks and showers, and stair risers.

That View

Last but not least, choose large windows and doors that can be opened fully to invite the outdoors in or shut when needed for protection from the elements.

We’re experts in Riviera Maya real estate and we’d love to help guide you through the process of buying your dream home or rental investment in paradise. Contact us today!

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