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Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea 20 June 2017 0
The Magic of the Vine in Tulum with Vinopolis

The Magic of the Vine in Tulum with Vinopolis

On any typical Saturday afternoon along the Riviera Maya the sun shines brightly for locals and vacationers alike, but this particular sunfilled Saturday in the bohemian chic town of Tulum wine lovers from around the globe gathered at Hemingway Beach & Cabañas to attend the Pierpaolo Pecorari Wine Tour, organized and presented by Vinopolis.

Vinopolis Mexico is an Italian owned Mexican import company. They hand select and distribute fine Italian wines throughout Mexico since 2002. These curated Italian wines are distributed throughout the country through their own elite distribution channels and online store. Nico and Riccardo from Vinopolis hosted a special event to introduce one of their most highly regarded Italian wine makers: Pierpaolo Pecorari.

Alessandro Pecorari, owner and winemaker of Pierpaolo Pecorari Winery and also son of Pierpaolo Pecorari, flew from Italy to tour various regions of Mexico and present a culled selection of his fine wines. During the Tulum event, he introduced 3 of his 19 delectable wines: Ros Alba 2016 (Rosé), Pinot Grigio 2016 (White) and Refosco 2014 (Red). All of these wines are certified with the Protected Geographical Indication of Venezia Giulia. Located in the northeast corner of Italy, this rechereché winery creates distinctive terroir-driven wines. The Pecorari family has belonged to this land for many generations and their passion for wine is only equaled by the ethereal wines produced by their winery.

Although the agriculture activity has always been part of the family business, it is only at the end of the 19th century that the Pecorari family started to develop the cultivation of the vine. In Italy, more than 335 grape varieties are grown, Pierpaolo Pecorari carries 19.

So on this sunny Riviera Maya Saturday afternoon in question, the guests of Vinopolis not only enjoyed some of the finest wines of Italy while contemplating the turquoise water of the Caribbean sea, but also appreciated live music and savored distinctive finger foods that paired perfectly with the wines.

As a blogger for BuyPlaya, I have the enormous honor and privilege to attend numerous of remarkable events throughout the Riviera Maya. It is my task to introduce you, my dear readers, to all of the different cultural, gastronomical and, of course, wine events. I have come to realize that the Riviera Maya is welcoming more and more international wine makers, having either been brought here by local wine import companies or arriving on their own to present their incredible bouquets to a growing community that demands quality wines and a wider selection. Even though Mexico produces many delightful wines and has its own growing winery community throughout the country, the recent influx of international wineries gives us wine lovers a larger pallet to discover. Good news for us wine afficionados; our choices of both national and international high quality wines will continue to expand!

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Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea

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