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Up With People Live on Tour in Playa del Carmen

Up With People Live on Tour in Playa del Carmen

Get ready to be entertained and inspired at Up with People’s Live On Tour 2018 musical show this Saturday, April 7th at the Teatro de la Ciudad (City Theater) in Playa del Carmen!

More than just a traveling musical theater group, Up With People provides young adults with an international gap year experience that uses music to unite and inspire. Over the course of 18 - 20 weeks, students visit between 15 – 18 communities on at least two continents. In addition to performing a musical show in each of the communities they visit, they also participate in a variety of community service projects, educational workshops, and cultural celebrations.

The Up With People touring program has four key objectives: International Travel & Cultural Immersion, Community Action, Performing Arts, and Experiential Education & Professional Development. Up With People believes that by empowering young people to find their voice to make a positive change in the world, they are helping to develop a culture of global citizens who aspire to create a more hopeful, trusting, and peaceful world.

The musical show focuses on shared hopes for a better tomorrow and includes international songs and dances, entertaining pop medleys, and original songs crafted to inspire people to make their own personal commitments to keeping hope alive in their communities.

Up with People was founded on the principle of using music as a means to communicate with and inspire people. In each city we visit, Up with People cast members perform a vibrant and inspiring musical stage show that brings the community together to enjoy a night of entertainment while sparking people to take action in meeting the needs of their communities, countries and the world. It’s fun for the whole family and an experience you’ll never forget!

The Up With People cast will be performing this Saturday, April 7, 2018 at the Teatro de la Ciudad (City Theater) in Playa del Carmen. The show starts at 7pm and tickets are available online or at the box office the night of the show (subject to availability).

For more info, visit or click here to follow Up With People on Facebook.

All photos by Up With People.

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